Hello Florida Flight Elite Family,

Welcome aboard!  As we embark on the upcoming travel basketball season, we’ve decide to make it easy for you to submit your child’s uniform measurements in 4 easy to follow steps.

At the conclusion, you will be prompted to verify your entry and submit your payment information.

Once everyone provides the necessary measurements, we will submit the order to the uniform manufacturer.  However, we need everyone to complete the ordering process in its entirety to prevent delays.

Next, to make it affordable to you the parent, we’ve split up the cost of the uniform into 3 equal payments of $100 payable monthly.  As such, we will automatically deduct the funds each month until your balance is paid in full.

We will NOT accept cash payments at this time unless you have an agreement with the coaches.

 Allocation of fees:

  • Team Shooting Shirt
  • Uniforms (Home and Away)
  • Team Backpack
  • Team Socks
  • Hoodie

Red Florida Flight Elite Socks
Blue Florida Flight Elite Socks

Ordering Information

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