2018 Valentine Day Basketball Tournament

Florida Flight Elite
Valentine Day Basketball Tournament

Welcome the 3rd annual Florida Flight Elite Valentine Day basketball Tournament. This event features the best talent throughout Florida showcasing their skills for family, friend and even scouts. As an organization, we aim to provide an encouraging atmosphere for the entire family that will be remembered forever.

In our inaugural event, we seen some of the best teams in North and South Florida compete in a action packed weekend.  We expect the number of participating teams to double this year considering the experience provided last year coupled with feedback received from the coaches, parents, players and officials.  We would LOVE to invite your organization to our family event.

The event culminates with an All-Star Game whereby twenty (20) kids will be hand selected to demonstrate their talent, sportsmanship and outstanding qualities for the fans as a way to say thank you. Better yet, the coaches of the 1st and 2nd place teams from the chosen grades will coach the LIGHT team (home uniform) against the DARK team (away uniform) in an action packed game.  In addition, featured games will include a “Rucker Park” style MC adding sizzle, commentary and excitement!

3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade
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3rd Grade - Division 2 4th Grade - Division 2 5th Grade - Division 2 6th Grade - Division 2 7th Grade - Division 2 8th Grade - Division 2
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  • Eligible Grades: 3rd to 12th (Girls & Boys)
  • Grade Based Tournament
  • 3 Games Guaranteed (Pool & Bracket Play)
  • Awards: 1st and 2nd Place
  • All-Star Game
  •  3 RefereesChampionship Games
  • FREE Entry for Champions Next Event
  • Seeding: Determined by Coach
  • Registration Fee:  $375 (Multi-Team Discounts Available)
  • Location:  Coral Springs, FL
  • Eligibility: All teams and participants must be registered with AAU (aausports.org)
  • Event Date:  February 9th – 11th
  • Registration Deadline: February 5th, 2018


Team Name Grade
Miami Dynasty 8th
Miami Dynasty 10th
West Coast Threat (California) 5th
GSD Elite 4th
Florida Lightning 3rd
Florida Lightning 6th
South Florida Ascenders 6th
KT Kings 8th
Savage Elite 4th
Victory Basketball 8th
Victory Basketball 9th
SOH 5th
Wellington Wolves Gold 8th
Wellington Wolves 7th
Wellington Wolves 4th
Every Basket Counts 8th
Lee County Cougars 7th
Savage Elite 3rd
Team Venom 5th
Venom 6th
Boynton Heat 6th
Boynton Heat 7th
Boynton Heat Classic 10th
BBD 5th
BBD 4th
Team Breakdown 6th
Mo Steel 8th
Broward Storm 8th
Team Breakdown 8th
Havoc Hoops 8th
Coral Springs Explosion 5th
Team Pete Blue Rays 10th
Elite Basketball Academy 10th
Florida Flight Elite 5th
Team Swoop 9th
Weston Wolfpack 8th
Taylored Athletes 7th
Warrior Basketball 2024 6th
Team Mamba 5th
Warrior Basketball 2023 7th
CBF Florida 6th
Florida Flight Elite 7th
Miami City Ballers 6th
Miami City Ballers 5th
Treasure Coast Titans 6th
CBF Florida 2024 6th
Florida Lightning 8th
PBG Starzz 9th
Team Mamba 3rd
Lake Worth Pride 7th
Florida Flight Elite 6th



  • Daily adult price is $10 per day
  • Children ages 6-17 is $5.00 per day
  • Daily tickets are valid for all gymnasiums for that day only
  • All nonparticipants must show valid tournament pass to enter gymnasium otherwise a new pass is required



We intend to presents a professional appearance for all coaches. So, please refrain from coaching in basketball shorts, jeans, open toe shoes, tank tops, hats, sweat pants etc… We appreciate the following coaching attire:

  • Collared Shirts
  • Khaki Slacks/Khaki Style Shorts
  • Coaching bands are to be worn the entire weekend.



  • DO NOT call for seeding, scores, gym locations and directions since they will be posted on our website
  • Check the website DAILY for changes to the schedule



Give Respect – Get Respect! Coaches, players and spectators must exhibit good sportsmanship during the tournament by showing respect for teammates, coaches, opponents, officials and support staff. Good sportsmanship supports the values of the game and our goal is to promote healthy competition in a positive and safe environment. Coaches are ultimately responsible for the behavior of their players and spectators. However, we reserve the right to have a team forfeit a game or to have e team suspended from the tournament if the coaches, players or spectators become unruly and/or unmanageable.



  1. ALL teams must check-in prior to first game at Coral Spring Complex:
    2501 riverside drive, coral springs, FL 33065

    1. Friday hours: 5 pm – 8 pm
    2. Saturday hours: 8 am – 3 pm
  2. A roster for each team must be submitted to the Tournament Director during check-in.
  3. Print and bring a copy of the roster to check-in
  4. A copy of each player’s AAU Membership card
  5. Birth certificate of each player.
  6. Current picture of each player.
  7. Current school year report card.
  • You must add ALL players to your official team roster.
  • Players not listed on your official roster will NOT be covered for insurance purposes and will NOT be allowed to participate. 
  • Players cannot be added to the roster once the event has begun.
  • Teams that fail to check-in will not be allowed to advance to bracket play.
  • Information provided on the roster must be compete and accurate.
  • Teams will receive 3 coaching bands per team.
  • Coach’s name must be on the team roster to receive band.



All athletes and head coaches that participate in the AAU event must have a valid 2017-2018 AAU Card. Athlete membership cards cost $14 and coach membership card cost $16 and is valid until August 31st, 2018 for all sanctioned AAU Tournaments. Card may be purchased at www.AAUSports.org.


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