Hello Friends and Family!

We’re raising funds to support a very special cause.  There are several ways in which you can help:

1.  Shop our online store filled with 1500+ amazing items — we’ll receive 40% of every purchase!

2.  Share our fundraiser with your friends + family by posting it to Facebook + Twitter.

 a.  Email Collection Page – Download this page and bring it to your next group meeting to collect your group members’ email addresses.

b.  Letter to Group Members – Download this letter and hand it out to your group members to promote our fundraising campaign other than by email, or to help increase our participation rate.
c.  Letter to Supporters – Download this letter and hand it out to friends and family to let them know how they can purchase magazine subscriptions on our online store to help support our program.
d.  List of Available Magazine Titles – Download this list to see all the magazine titles available on our online store or to hand out to people who wish to help but do not have an email address.

Your show of support will make all the difference… Thank you!